David Sankoff holds the Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Genomics in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at the University of Ottawa, and is cross-appointed to the Biology Department and the School of Information Technology and Engineering. His main research interest is comparative genomics, particularly probability models, statistics and algorithms for genome rearrangements.

David Sankoff on a hammock

Stepwise construction of the breakpoint graph and alternating colour cycles for Double-Cut-and-Join calculations

Genome Halving of tetraploid T guided by
two related diploid genomes R1 and R2

Incorporation of an ancient tetraploid T into branch length computation
of a phylogeny

Generalized adjacency cluster in a triangular grid

Using Maximal Strip Recovery to remove noise from a genome
colored according to chromosomes of related genome


David Sankoff
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Sankoff Laboratory
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