A Variable Rule Application for the Macintosh


David Rand, David Sankoff



GoldVarb is an application for carrying out variable rule analysis and associated data manipulations and displays. It is based on programs previously circulated by David Sankoff, Pascale Rousseau, Don Hindle and Susan Pintzuk. However many new features have been added, and the restructuring and reprogramming by David Rand includes the implementation of the graphical user interface familiar to users of Macintosh computers.


GoldVarb is free. To obtain a copy:

      download GoldVarb 2.1 now directly from this server; or

      request a copy by sending e-mail to




The GoldVarb package contains a brief instruction manual as a MacWrite II document. This same GoldVarb manual may also be consulted on-line.



April 23, 2004